I’m just a girl, writing to an appreciated reader, asking them to enjoy reading through her blog.


I’m here to share my love of books with whoever would have my unsolicited opinion. I love to read and more importantly, I love getting to interact with other readers.

I spent four unforgettable years of my life pursuing B.A. in English Literature, which was both amazing and stressful. I was both nurtured and challenged as a reader and I’m excited to share parts of my journey that made me the person I am today.

One of the best parts of that experience was getting to explore so many kinds of literature I wouldn’t have known otherwise. And they’ll be featured right here on this blog! So watch out for lots of 20th century European modernism (with a splash of turn of the century, pre-war writing), A TON of contemporary novels, a healthy amount of Canadian literature (especially #DiverseCanLit), magical realism, YA, and more.

If you’re here in my corner of the internet, you either already enjoy reading or would like to do more of it. And I salute your good taste! Join me on Goodreads where I will spread more literary love, and hey, Twitter isn’t a bad idea while you’re at it.