The Meanderers will at times offend, switch moods abruptly and not even make sense – pretty much how life is.

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I’m currently going through an interestingly productive yet unproductive reading phase where I’m having the time of my life devouring books yet I can’t bring myself to talk or write about them. It’s hard to explain. But in the meantime, I didn’t want my blog to fall into oblivion with inactivity so I’d like to share some beautiful lines from literature that’ve made me stop reading (or scrolling) because I couldn’t do anything but read and reread the lines below. Continue reading

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I’ve got thoughts, they’re multiplyin’ !

But in order to delve deep into my psyche, I kindly ask that you read this New York Times article (Who Gets to Decide What Belongs in the ‘Canon’ by Wesley Morris) because this post is a direct response to it. And I invite you, dear reader, to prepare a response of your own, because I’m ready to discuss. But more importantly, I’m ready to ramble. But as a polite gesture, I’ll wait until you’ve indulged in the brilliant cultural commentary of a one Mr. Morris before I get into my part-love-letter part-rant about all things canonical. Continue reading


Consider this blog as you would an apartment you might view in pursuit of finding a new place. Somewhere to become familiar with and grow to call your own.

Allow me to introduce yourself: I’m Amino, both landlord and real estate agent of this property, and here’s what I have to offer you for the moment:

And if any of that intrigues you and you think to yourself, “hey, I could stick around for a bit,” then here’s what’s to come:

  • A minimum of ONE book review per week (as you can see, I’ve got my summer planned out!)
  • A literary essay about whatever I can’t stop thinking about as I read every few months
  • Author and publishing industry interviews
  • Guest posts
  • Round-ups of other amazing literary blogs and book-ish content from all over the internet

And that’s just the beginning.

With a draft of posts overflowing, waiting to be published, and a list of never-ending ideas for this platform (thanks Notes app on my phone!), enthusiastic is an understatement when it comes to how I’m feeling.

I aim to spread my love for literature and inspire others to become consumed by the magic of a great book.

If you’re excited to see what this blog has to offer, comment below one book you’d like to see reviewed or one type of post you’d like to see.

And if you’re not quite convinced it’s anything to write home about, hey, leave me a comment telling me what I can improve on.