The Meanderers will at times offend, switch moods abruptly and not even make sense – pretty much how life is.

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I’m currently going through an interestingly productive yet unproductive reading phase where I’m having the time of my life devouring books yet I can’t bring myself to talk or write about them. It’s hard to explain. But in the meantime, I didn’t want my blog to fall into oblivion with inactivity so I’d like to share some beautiful lines from literature that’ve made me stop reading (or scrolling) because I couldn’t do anything but read and reread the lines below. Continue reading

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I’ve got thoughts, they’re multiplyin’ !

But in order to delve deep into my psyche, I kindly ask that you read this New York Times article (Who Gets to Decide What Belongs in the ‘Canon’ by Wesley Morris) because this post is a direct response to it. And I invite you, dear reader, to prepare a response of your own, because I’m ready to discuss. But more importantly, I’m ready to ramble. But as a polite gesture, I’ll wait until you’ve indulged in the brilliant cultural commentary of a one Mr. Morris before I get into my part-love-letter part-rant about all things canonical. Continue reading